Brief History of the Company

Our company has been operating in international trade, hospitality, merchandising and services, residential construction, and real estate since 1994. Margad Center has been operating in the fields of Chinese and European restaurants, hotels, billiards, karaoke bars, and dry cleaning since 1996. Extension of Margad Center has been operating as office lease since 2000. Undur Denj Center has been operating in the fields of construction materials, catering equipment, textiles, and fast-food restaurants since 2005.

In the past, we have successfully completed 4 residential apartment and townhouse complexes from 2003 to 2014. Another luxury residential twin house project has started in 2022 and targeted to be completed in 2023.

One of our latest projects, Food City Mall, with an area of 29,000m2, was built from 2018 to 2020.

Main Operations of the company 

  • Construction and construction materials trade
  • Real estate and residential building
  • Export, import, international trade
  • Agriculture, husbandry and food industry
  • Production


    We focus on the safety and comfort of our customers and support the development and economy of our country by building strong commercial, residential buildings as well as contribute to import and export business.


    We are working with the goal of making a big contribution to the development and economy of our country, partnering with large international companies and factories, and further entering other fields and compete internationally.


    1. Prioritize interests of costumers
    2. Quality first
    3. Value Integrity
    4. Have business ethics
    5. Environmentally friendly
    6. Be accountable
    7. Value teamwork